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Electronic Components Test

Automotive Electronic Components Certification

Evaluation of AEC & ES/MS Standards

AEC-Q series is a document that Automotive Electronic Council created to provide a minimum level of reliability evaluation requirements for automotive electronic components, which is commonly used in the global automotive OEM market. ES standards for assessing the reliability and quality of Pb-free automotive electronic component modules are used in the domestic complete vehicle industry.
Only electronic components that pass these tests are recognized as high-reliability components suitable for use under severe automotive environments.

AEC & ES/MS graphic

Major Evaluation Standards

Electronic Components
  • ES90000-01(Appearance, Void)
  • ES90000-02(Stripping insepction)
  • ES90000-03(PCB Reliability)
  • ES90000-04(Pb-free reliability)
  • ES90000-05(HALT)
  • ES90000-06(HAST)
  • ES95400-10(Electronic components environment/ durability)
  • ES91500-XX(Connector reliability)
Raw Materials
  • MS184-XX(Pb-free paste)
  • MS915-00(Whisker)
  • ES90501(Automotive semiconductors)
  • AEC-Q100(Automotive IC)
  • AEC-Q101(Automotive active elements)
  • AEC-Q200(Automotive passive elements)